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We’ll find a plan that covers your living space and personal assets.

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Make sure you’re prepared for anything when you hit the road.

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You can rest assured that your family will be covered should the unexpected occur.

Commercial Insurance

Keep your employees and commercial assets protected with a dependable plan.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected in Northridge, CA

We can help you find the insurance coverage that’s right for you

Don’t be caught unprepared when a tree falls on your home or you find yourself in an accident on the highway. CNI Financial & Insurance Services will navigate through the numerous insurance plans to find one that meets your needs. We can provide you with:

Since we’re an independent insurance company, we can match you with a company that provides the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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It’s always better to be safe than sorry

You take precautions every day to ensure your safety and that of your family or employees. Let CNI Financial protect those most important to you with the best coverage possible. One of our dedicated insurance agents will make sure you’re covered when disaster strikes. You’ll breathe easier knowing that you’re fully insured.

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Put our 10+ years of experience to work for you

CNI Financial has over 10 years of experience navigating the insurance marketplace. Our knowledgeable agents can find the perfect insurance plan to cover your home or business. You can trust us to protect your personal and commercial investments.

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